• Sundown At Westerhever

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    I drove ten hours to get to this location because I wanted to shoot time lapses and Milky Way Panoramas at this specific location, which I had been to a couple times before this.

    While many of the nights on my trip were ruined by fog, clouds and strong winds, this is one of several nights that I spent under the stars. Many days went without sleep, and on this particular day, I had been at this location the previous night for sunset, shooting stars the entire night, then returned 45 minutes back to where I was staying, slept for an hour and a half, and went back shooting, staying through the night and following morning. To accomplish this shot I arrived before sunset and set up my camera. I then planned my corners and moved the camera from left to right, noting the degrees on my tripod and planning while lit, how many images I would need to maintain a 2/3 overlap for each image. Once the colors were right I did the 1st panorama. I then waited until later in the night, tilted my tripod ball head to the desired angle and then fired off the 2nd row of images. After I got home I added the images to Photoshop CS6 and stitched and blended. Hope you like the result.

    There is a special place in my heart for Westerhever Lighthouse and the North Sea. If you have never been I cannot recommend it enough. Bring a wide angle lens, a long telephoto for waterfowl and wildlife, good tripods, sandals, a rain jacket, sweater, and boots if you aren’t fond of muddy toes. As for me, I spent hours walking through the tidal flats capturing all there was to capture. Amazing Unesco Heritage Site! Visit the Wattenmeer National Park! Take your family! Take your dog. Take your camera.

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